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Honoring East Texas Veterans

Throughout our nation’s history, service men and women have gone bravely into battle, risking their lives and livelihoods, sacrificing their safety to defend America. When their duty is done, many return home to life as it was, but so many did not and still don't.  America’s veterans have honored us with their service and selfless duty. It is now our turn to honor them. For the first time, ETVM will pay tribute to some of our most courageous heroes – our East Texas Veterans. The East Texas Veterans  Memorial will celebrate those men and women who fought bravely in every war and conflict for America.  This is your opportunity to honor a Veteran and support the East Texas Veterans Memorial. Anyone who has served honorably, or who is still serving in any branch of the U. S. Armed Forces or its allies, from the Revolutionary  War to the present, are eligible. Please enjoy the tune we provided while browsing the links below.

Trace Atkins song  'Til the Last Shot's Fired

Honoring the Women of Service

Women have played crucial roles in the military since the Revolutionary War.

As of 2012, women make up 14% of the U.S. military. More than 165,000 women are in active or enlisted status and over 35,000 women are currently serving as officers.  This memorial will honor Veteran women for their service to the U.S. military.